22. Klášterec viaduct

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Less than two kilometres to the south-east of Vimperk, near the village of Klášterec, a unique technical monument can be found, set into the landscape. The valley of the Arnoštský brook is spanned by a four-arch railway bridge, which was put into operation on 9 July 1900 as part of the new railway from Volary to Strakonice. The bold structure of bare stone blocks crosses the brook in a bend of the railway, close to the point where the brook empties into the River Volyňka. The railway runs through wonderful landscape below wooded hills, which still hide the remains of the Gold Trail. With greenery all around, the blue skies overhead, and the murmuring brook below, all you need is to imagine the whistle of a steam engine, and you are right back in the golden era of the railway in the times of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The viaduct was restored between 2003 and 2004.