20. Hvězda Hotel No. 103

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Close to the spot where visitors turn off 1. máje Street on their way to the cemeteries and the castle, the long building of the Zlatá Hvězda Hotel looks down on passing cars. Although it may not be immediately clear given its present condition, it is a significant architectural monument from the turn of the 19th and the 20th centuries. The Neo-Renaissance gables and the Art Nouveau front above the main entrance are silent witnesses to the encounter of the last two architectural and artistic styles of the “old world” before WW I – the revival of earlier historical styles and Art Nouveau. The long section of the two-winged building faces the street with its front, and is crossed by a shorter section. The hotel must have been one of the majestic dominants on the edge of the historical town, giving guests an opportunity to enjoy the view of the Volyňka River valley and of the wooded hills opposite, as they looked from the moderate elevation over the low hotel extensions in the large hotel yard at the back. With the exception of the entrance hall, which has broad-segment Prussian vaults, all rooms have flat ceilings. The cellars are older, being part of the building which preceded the hotel.

In 2007,the hotel bought Mr. Zdeněk Kutil and initiated reconstruction with contribution The European Regional Development Fund. The hotel was completely rebuilding in 2009.