12. House No. 8

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No. 8, a beautiful and conspicuous house in the southern side at the bottom of the square probably used to be the Town Hall for a time, and even now it houses a section of the municipality. The original Town Hall was situated below the square in the direction of the castle, but in the 17th century it was converted into a municipal brewery. The town council then assembled in the second house below the church in what is now Steinbrener Street. In 1727 the municipality bought a house in the square from the Jew Marek Fantl and converted it into a new Town Hall. Its Baroque design is the work of Schwarzenberg master builder Fortini. The Town Hall was finished in 1728 and was later adapted several times in the 19th century.

No. 8 is one of the few houses which have retained the original layout from before the great fire in 1904, attracting passers-by by its restored front with a Baroque gable and a painted coat of arms of the town on the red-and-white finish. Its uniquely well-preserved Gothic cellars point back to the period of early construction activity in Vimperk.